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Teklube TS welcome product development inquiries since such projects allow Teklube TS to prove our assertion that we are leaders of performance innovation in the metalworking & lubricants industry.

Product development is split into additives and metal-working fluids. All developments are carried out as a result of a detailed evaluation of the performance and cost objectives. During development, laboratory evaluation of the key performance parameters is undertaken and may include:

Hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication
Falex EP performance
Reichert wear Tests
CNOMO Foam Test
Rolls Royce Foam Rig
Draw Bead Tester
40 Sample Challenge Test.
Hydrolytic stability
Emulsion Stability
Anti-corrosion Performance
Metals Compatibility
Storage Stability

Where the development is of a metal-working fluid, an evaluation of the objectives will usually be carried out with the customer, which typically includes site visits to the 'end user'.

It is our flexibility and understanding of both the additives used and the processes in which the fluids will be employed, that allows for the quick and successful development of fluids 'fit for purpose'.

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