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Teklube Products: Fully Formulated

Teklube TS recognise it may be unpractical or undesirable for customers to blend their own metalworking fluids. Thus Teklube TS offer a comprehensive range of neat and water-mix metal cutting and forming fluids such as:

Boron-free Technology
Very high performance EP water-mix cutting fluids
Aluminium specific aerospace fluids
True chlorine-free alternatives both oil containing and fully synthetic
Water-mix/wash neat oil replacement pressing and forming fluids
Chlorine and sulphur-free neat pressing and forming fluids

Whilst standard 'me too' type products are available, often these products are developed in conjunction with the customer where a unique requirement presents itself. All fluids are developed and tested in line with strict evaluation and quality standards taking consideration of process and environmental limitations.

Where desired, exclusivity to developed products can be assured, given agreed annual volume predictions.

Teklube TS are always keen to embrace new technologies in the development of market leading products to enable you to provide your customer innovation and performance.

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