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As hydrocarbons and their derivative prices continue to climb, increasing pressures are being placed on products that have a positive environmental impact. The times have never been better to link future strategies and development of water based cutting fluids onto naturally occurring and renewable raw materials.

Safra is innovative technology to replace or improve the reliance on petroleum hydrocarbon derivatives and substitute them for materials from renewable sources in the formulating of water based fluids.

Historically and to the present day natural sodium petroleum sulphonates have been universally used as emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors in conjunction with additional corrosion inhibitors coupling agents, co-emulsifiers, biocides and performance additives.

Hydrocarbon base oils normally been used in soluble oil formulations because of cost and ease of emulsification. Naturally occurring esters and some synthetic esters are now comparable in price with mineral oil and with the use of innovative emulsifiers and biostability technology can be used as successful replacements.

In the quest to produce water mix metalworking fluids with higher levels of biostability boron based additives we’re introduced in the 1970’s. When boric acid is combined with alkanolamine and alkanolamides, the result is an emulsifier system that not only provides biostability but excellent corrosion protection particularly of ferrous materials.

The trend with water mix metalworking fluids since time has been towards materials which are less harmful to users and to the environment. The movement of the metalworking industry onto less harmful materials spurred on by regulation and legislation has effectively displaced such materials as phenols, nitrites, phenoxyenthanol, triazine, heavy metals, secondary amines, and short chain chlorparaffins for the preparation of water based fluids. It is now being claimed boric acid reaction products may pose long term health problems. Its use is coming under increasing scrutiny and is already restricted or prohibited in some countries.

The Safra technology confronts environmental issues while satisfying market needs for performance and long fluid life.

The product range:

Safranate – Primary emulsification base
Saframide - Next generation amides