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The Safra range from Teklube TS is metalworking fluid additive technology produced with natural renewable materials removing the reliance of traditional hydrocarbon products.

The Safra range are the only additives to offer formulators direct replacement technology making the change to green technology ‘easy’.

Product categories include:

Safranate – Primary emulsification technology
Saframide - Next generation amides
Safrabor - Modified boron complexes
Safrastat - Boron free technology
Safrapib - Pibsa technology
Safraester - Modified esters

Safrafos – EP additive technology

All the Safra range comes with supporting technical data that are key to your product development and performance parameters such as:

Hydrodynamic and boundary lubrication
EP performance
Lubricity/Antiwear performance
Foam Data
Hydrolytic stability
Emulsion Stability
Anti-corrosion Performance
Metals Compatibility
Storage Stability

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