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Teklube TS is fast becoming the leading manufacturer of green metalworking fluid additive technology. Teklube TS with its ‘green brand’ Safra (Safra, “Portuguese for Harvest”) has gained worldwide approvals in a number of blue-chip companies.

The Safra range from Teklube TS is metalworking fluid additive technology produced with natural renewable materials removing the reliance on traditional hydrocarbon products.

Safra’s innovative and technical excellence has developed business opportunities with several strategic global manufacturing partners. The Safra range of metalworking fluid additives are now available for supply worldwide and manufactured in the America’s, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Safra ‘green technology’ at no additional cost brings new environmental standards into the metalworking fluids market. The SAFRA range of additive technology offers formulators a conscious choice and the result…..metalworking fluids which satisfy our collective environmental responsibilities.

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