Experts in X and cleaning solutions

One of the leading manufacturers of cleaning solutions, metalworking fluid and additive technology.

Antibacterial hand gel sanitiser teklube

Experts in specialised fluids and cleaning solutions

We have 25 years' experience developing our Durasol brand. The very best solutions, produced in our UK production plant.

 Our products 

We work with customers all over the world to create specialised products. As an ISO accredited company we're committed to quality, which is why we control all aspects of the Durasol solutions we produce - from additive development to product formulation and manufacturing - which means the best products for our customers and your customers. 

  • Antibacterial hand gel sanitiser Teklube
  • Metalworking fluid Teklube

 Teklube LTD 

After establishing a family business over 25 years ago, Teklube now serves thousands of customers worldwide.

Covering nearly every corner of the globe, we have and continue to work with some of the most recognised brands across many industries, from motor and aerospace, food grade to fuel.

Our laboratory and production plant in East Yorkshire first started out as a hub for our metal working fluids and is now home to our cleaning solutions arm of the business.

Our vision has always been simple, produce the very best products for our customers and your customers.

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